My coaching philosophy is quite simple. I see my role as helping my clients to clarify and identify their goals and help them overcome the obstacles to achieving them; i do this asking tough and challenging questions that help you to explore the real issues and then utilize cutting edge tools and strategies to help you achieve your desired results.

Solutions I offer

Develop clear goals and outcomes
Identify obstacles to your goals
Rapid belief change
Master your own emotional states
Become a far more effective leader
Enhance your relationships
Develop a vision for your business
Develop new skills with speed learning
Eliminate stress triggers
Take control of your career
Develop a life plan


From as far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the untapped potential of the human mind, which spurred me to study virtually everything I could on the subject. And over a 1,000 books and 30 years later,

I am now a certified coach, trainer and author. After a career in both the music and fashion industry, I’ve gathered extensive experience of the highs and lows of a modern working life and how that can severely affect your health, relationships and overall well-being.

Despite training in a host of techniques such as NLP, Hypnosis, Sedona Method, Auto suggestion and Emotional Intelligence, I researched and developed new simpler and faster strategies and tools for personal change. I have incorporated these into my coaching practice, which has created amazing results for my clients.

The strategies and tools that I employ in my coaching practice are at the very cutting edge and as a result I’m able to guarantee specific outcomes . One of those tools is my Rapid Alignment Protocol™, which is a special rapid 10 minute process I use to get my clients totally aligned and focused about their goals. This is done in a way that completely dissolves any limiting beliefs and concepts that may have been preventing them from moving forward.

Tony McKenzie


Success Stories

  • Owen Kirkland, Houston
    I feel so empowered now that I know that our beliefs are not set in stone and that we have the power to change them quickly, Tony’s coaching methods are remarkable and he has a gift for transforming lives.
    Owen Kirkland, Houston
  • Melanie Erwin, London
    For the longest time I had been struggling with a particular goal and I was getting the point of just giving up until I had session with TD, where he asked me a simple question that shifted my entire world to the point I could not go back to the old mediocre existence I had settled for and now I am ready for my biggest adventure.
    Melanie Erwin, London
  • Nancy Turner, Edinburgh
    Tony McKenzie rocks he is truly the definition of a miracle coach, all the mental junk that I had been carrying around for years is gone and I now feel a new clarity and focus on my goals.
    Nancy Turner, Edinburgh
  • Jennifer Lew, Manchester
    I had been struggling in my professional life as a business consultant for many years and I was very sceptical of coaching but TD’s rapid belief change process blew me away.
    Jennifer Lew, Manchester
  • James Porter, Ontario
    My income has now gone from $2200 per month to over $18000 per month in just one year, god knows how long I would have struggled with such a poverty mindset if I hadn’t discovered Tony’s amazing coaching program.
    James Porter, Ontario
  • Lukas Henry, London
    Tony has an amazing talent for getting to the core of a problem very very quickly, within the first 20 minutes he had me focusing on what my true goal was and the many excuses I had given myself for not pursuing it, which was a turning point for me.
    Lukas Henry, London
  • Anton Lewis NY
    Something I had once believed impossible is now a reality in my life and it took just minutes for me to dissolve the limiting beliefs that had plagued me for so many years, the relief I now feel is just beyond words.
    Anton Lewis NY

Coaching Packages


The main technique or tool that I now use in my coaching practice is a technique I call The Conscious Enquiry Technique™ or CE™ because that in essence is what it is.It’s a technique that allows you to consciously access hidden resources and states within you in order to solve specific problems.It virtually duplicates many of the components of traditional NLP but with much faster results.

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